Accommodation Management Services
Safari Lodges & Bush Camps


AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION is an exciting hotel management company operating from Phalaborwa, South Africa.


 AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION includes: unique performance-based fee structures, short-term agreements and an approach that welcomes lodge owner participation. This business has changed, from both an industry and a guest perspective, and we welcome you to become part of this shift, in a positive way.

We are engaging with lodge owners, offering our unique hospitality management, development and marketing services to lodges and bush camps that we can confidently add value to...

With AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION on board for a property opening or major repositioning, you will be working with management experts that have gone through the lodge development and opening experience countless times. 


We have the capacity to oversee everything - from day to day management, concept development, site selection, design co-ordination and contractor selection; to the stocking of shelves, obtaining the right equipment, décor, licenses, staff selection, as well as organising your opening event.

With AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION Lodges focusing on every aspect of your business, the specific needs of you, the owners, are met.  We structure a partnership with hotel owners that delivers better than market-related returns, improves viability, provides an excellent management infrastructure and an ethical, transparent business relationship 


Alternatively, we can simply offer you our AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION branding approach, delivering a slick marketing and sales effort that will reposition your lodge in a contemporary, relevant way.

In this case, your lodge will benefit from the AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION Marketing and Sales Blueprint, and once this blueprint kicks in, guests will associate your hotel with all the positives of the AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION Lodges brand.